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cl::driver Class Reference

This class represents the OpenCL driver. More...

#include <clinfo.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 driver ()
 Default constructor.
 ~driver ()
cl_uint num_platforms () const
 Retrieve the number of platforms.
platform get_platform (cl_uint index) const
 Returns a specific platform.

Private Attributes

cl_uint num_platforms_
 The number of OpenCL platforms.
< cl_platform_id > 
 An array of OpenCL platform ID's.

Detailed Description

This class represents the OpenCL driver.

This class has no counterpart in OpenCL other than some global functions that allow querying the platforms.

Member Function Documentation

platform cl::driver::get_platform ( cl_uint  index ) const

Returns a specific platform.

indexzero-based index of the platform requested
an object representing the platform
cl_uint cl::driver::num_platforms (  ) const

Retrieve the number of platforms.

the number of OpenCL platforms

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