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clpp.hpp File Reference

C++ wrappers around OpenCL constructs. More...

#include "clew.h"
#include "clexception.hpp"


struct  cl::shared_item< T >
 Helper class template to handle resource tracking of OpenCL reference counted resources. More...


#define CLCALL(error)
 Macro that takes an OpenCL error code and throws an exception if it holds any other value than CL_SUCCESS.


typedef shared_item< cl_context > cl::shared_context
 Reference-counted cl_context class.
typedef shared_item< cl_mem > cl::shared_buffer
 Reference-counted cl_mem class.
typedef shared_item< cl_program > cl::shared_program
 Reference-counted cl_program class.
typedef shared_item
< cl_command_queue > 
 Reference-counted cl_command_queue class.
typedef shared_item< cl_kernel > cl::shared_kernel
 Reference-counted cl_kernel class.

Detailed Description

C++ wrappers around OpenCL constructs.

This file contains a resource tracking class template for various OpenCL reference counted resources and a macro for wrapping OpenCL error codes and function calls into a generic error handler.